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Residential Roof Replacement Services







we're here to help!

We understand that you would rather be doing anything other than replacing your roof, but we can walk you through the process and assist you with finding the right roof for your home. Our goal is to help make this a stress-free and streamlined process.

no pressure sales!

We welcome the opportunity to provide a quote for your project and will never make you feel pressured into signing a contract. We take a different approach to sales, focusing more on customer service and relationship-building rather than incentivizing sales through commissions. This approach leads to a more consultative sales process where our goal is to genuinely understand your needs and provide the best solution, rather than simply pushing for a sale to earn a commission. Our focus is to provide information, answer your questions, and assist you in making an informed decision.


Call, Email, or Fill out our contact form on the website to request a quote for your roof. Below are the key pieces of information that we need to get started.

  • Property Address​

  • Type of roofing materials that you would like for us to quote 

  • Contact Information - Name, Phone, Email

We begin by ordering a satellite measurement and may request a site visit. Our estimators will review your information and provide a proposal for your review.

sign the contract

When you are ready to move forward with your roof replacement, below are the next steps that we need to get started. 

  1. SIGNED CONTRACT – Sign and return to the office by email, mail, or you can always drop off at our office.

  2. NOTARIZED NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT – We will provide this form that is required for permitting. We have a notary in our office if you are able to come by the office or you can sign/print and have notarized and email a clear scan or mail the original copy.

  3. DEPOSIT – We require a 30% deposit for roof replacements. We accept check, cash, ACH, and credit cards (with a processing fee). Financing options are also available. 

  4. ROOF TYPE AND DRIP EDGE COLOR SELECTION – We have samples in the office or can provide links to assist with your selection. 


With this information, we will submit for the permit and order materials so that everything is ready for your start date.


The week prior to your start date, we will reach out to let you know your confirmed start date along with an estimated timeline for the work to be completed. 

The morning that we start, the crew will arrive between 7-8 am to start setting up. We ask that all vehicles are removed from the garage and driveway prior to the crew arriving. You do not need to be home during the roof replacement, but we do ask that you are available by phone if there are any questions.

  • Tear off the existing roof down to wood deck

  • Make any necessary wood repairs 

  • Re-nail decking to current code

  • Install new underlayment

  • Install new drip edge

  • Install new roofing materials

  • Permitting Progress inspections (Crew may not be there until inspections are approved.)

  • Finish the roof

  • Clean up the jobsite

  • Permitting Final inspections

After the roof is completed, we will send you a final invoice. Once we have received the payment, we will schedule the wind mitigation inspection with a 3rd party certified home inspector. He will provide the wind mitigation inspection report that you will submit to your homeowners insurance company.

Some things that we may do differently than other roofing contractors.

  • We do not have any materials onsite until the day that we are starting.

  • Other than stopping for the inspection and possible weather delays, we keep the crew on your roof until it is finished.

  • Our goal is to minimize the disruption to you and your neighbors during the process. 

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